23 February 2009

Not all my ex's are douches...

In fact, one of them paid me one of the nicest compliments I've gotten recently. At least I consider it a compliment.
I said, "H, do I have a sign on my forehead that says 'Lie To Me'?"
He said, "No, but you might have one that says 'If you're not a phenomenal person, you're going to have to lie to me.' "

I think it's good I have high standards for what is an is not acceptable in a relationship, or even in the case of when there are relations and no 'ship'. It's just not that hard to be honest.

Unfortunately my ex called me back the next day wondering what we had talked about because he was too drunk to remember any of the conversation.
I think I will still take his words at face value, and put him being to drunk to remember even a minute of an hour long conversation after not speaking for four months in the yup-still-glad-we-broke-up file.

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