13 February 2009

Good morning scary face

Observation of the day:

Waking up with massive raccoon eyes from your makeup you put on the night before always makes you feel like you did something naughty. Not like, ooooh, fun, I was Naughty!, but rather Shit-where-are-my-pants naughty.

I don't wash my face religiously before I go to bed, like last night, and I think I must have been rubbing my eyes a lot in my sleep because when I woke up today, chaste and in my own jammies in my own bed, I looked like a mix of an Alice Cooper impersonator and a stripper that's seen a crime and is crying as the police interview her.

These are the disturbing thoughts I have after I wake up and before coffee.
Now I'm off to wash my face. And find coffee.


  1. wait, 'Oooh, fun, I was Naughty!' and 'Shit-where-are-my-pants naughty' aren't the same kind of naughty? I think not knowing where my pants are when I wake up is probably a great indication that I had some naughty fun.

  2. True Papa Bear, the two stated naughties aren't mutually exclusive. I just think the shit-where-are-my-pants naughty indicates a level of 'I really need to find my pants and get out of here' rather than 'Ok, I was naughty, oh there's my pants, let's have some breakfast and be naughty again.'