20 February 2009

I left my heart in...

I was looking for something in my email today and I came upon this email that I sent my aunt and uncle here in California about eight months after I had left CA and accidentally stayed in Puerto Rico. I found it to describe pretty well how I feel about my (too) short time in San Francisco and the haven that is my aunt and uncle's farm a bit north of the city, where I live now.

"Anyway I miss you both terribly. I've been really homesick for Cali lately, for the city and for the farm. I miss the afternoon sun in San Fran, the way it warms everybody up and you can see smiles, I miss walking back from the Farmer's market the bags hurting my arms because I way overestimated how much I could comfortably carry, I miss my bed, I miss the dive bars where the sorority girl sits next to the tattoo artist both happily drinking PBR. I miss the taquerias, I miss the BART, I miss the Mexican preachers w/ the bullhorns by the BART. I miss both bridges. I miss my family. I miss when you go around the last curve to your house and it appears on the hill and the sun hits the pond. I miss [the dog], and the pool, and the way he bounds into the pool to get as close to you as possible even though his nails are seriously dangerous. I miss pizza from the wood oven, duck, steak, lamb, roasting tomatoes. I miss the guest room and my room in the house. Sunday morning coffee and NYTimes and laundry and martinis and wine at night. And disco party karaoke. And you both.
That was probably a vent that I could have left to myself, but it's out so there ya go. I think I see myself less and less here for long term and more and more really just giving it a year, more or less. I miss home."

It took me almost two more years and helluva bumpy road but I finally did come back to stay, going on two years now.

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