18 February 2009

Gluttony Schmuttony

I love food. I live in a really good place to love food, with really good people to love food with.

It was my aunt's birthday yesterday, so we celebrated two nights running. Allow me to share some highlights...

Caviar. Creme Fraiche with young scallions. Champagne. Magic on my tongue.

Ribeye waiting for the fire. A Chateau Montelena 1977 Cabernet Sauvignon that tasted like velvety chocolaty wonder,and a different Cabernet from 1978 (Auntie's 20th and 21st birthdays).

The ribeye was grilled over the fireplace, and served with crab meat, asparagus, potatoes, and a ridiculous holandaise-type sauce made with the crab fat, crab water, loads of butter, and some eggs. We finished with a so-so chocolate souffle, but that was my first attempt at souffle so I don't feel so bad.

Sushi. Sushi. Sushi. Top middle is with fois gras and unagi. Heaven. It was pretty and delicious. The bottle of Roederer sparkling wine certainly didn't hurt.

I am so damn lucky. And full.


  1. you are going to cook for me, next time. I will make a pizza from scratch, and bring 12-pack of PBR.

  2. Tommy I will cook for you with gusto. But just to be clear - the only contributions I made to these meals were opening champagne, doing the dishes, and making a so-so souffle. And eating.

  3. Is this how we are eating this weekend?

  4. S.: I wish I could elaborate, but since I can't: no. But there will be lots of wine.