24 February 2010

It's Official

I don't have the stomach or enough I-don't-give-a-fuck-ness to be the "other woman".  Be it with someone who is married, or may as well be.  (More than a few years together?  Check.  Live together?  Check.  Kids and/or property together?  Check.  You're a cheater.)
I see how it could be really fun, and freeing in a way, but it's just not it me.  I just can't stop thinking about the person who he's technically not supposed to cheat on, or all the other ones who he probably is cheating with.  I understand the appeal, and I have had a lot of fun, but ultimately... I Deserve So Much Better.  So does she, and even he maybe, but I digress.
So here's to all of us who have been cheated on, who have cheated, and who may have played a part; more than anything, here's to those of us that are going to be honest and deserve the same in return.

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