10 February 2010

I got my Valentine's Day package from Mom and Dad today...

And it reminded me of a few things...

Love is scratching out the "I" on the Valentine's Day card you send your children so it says "We", because it's from Mom and Dad.

Love is sending candy for every Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter, no matter where your children are in the world, no matter that postage costs more than the goodies inside.  (It's also, for that matter, sending Girl Scout cookies even though the daughter says she doesn't want them because she's getting fat.)

Love is leaning over your adult daughter as she cries in her bed, not asking why, and touching her hair and saying "You are loved."

Love is parking at the airport, walking your daughters into the airport, and then waiting outside the rope at the security line just so you can wave until they are through.

1 comment:

  1. Well, it's quite simple, Cat.

    We love you, as we always have, with all our hearts, all we are!

    Dad (and Mom)