28 February 2010


It's not too late to reflect on the old year, is it? I'll use the excuse that I've been busy racking up entries for next years list, which may or may not be true.
Things I did for the first time in 2009:
  • Sang in public sober
  • Reduced rather than grew my personal debt
  • Sipped bourbon and enjoyed it
  • Didn't tell someone I loved them when I was pretty sure I did
  • Was asked to be a bridesmaid
  • Sat for a painted portrait
  • Wrote for public consumption
I like this list.  I think it should be longer.  I used my discretion and left off things I don't feel like thinking about (that's a very short list).  I have a good feeling about the list being longer for 2010.  I'm already taking notes.

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