28 March 2009

Tail Wag Friends

Quick thought:
Does everyone have friends that they are so excited about it's like a present every time they hear from them? I hope so because it's a beautiful thing.
There are a handful of people in my life that I feel like my tail wags when I just think about us being friends. I don't question that I like them but I like them SO much that the fact that they seem to like me too makes my tail go wiggidy wag.
Just a text message, a quick email, an unexpected phone call, whatever, from certain people and I feel like a girl in high school who just got asked to the prom.
I'm a lucky lucky girl.


  1. i totally know what you're talking about. the kind of friends that will always put a smile on your face...just from thinking about them.

  2. yup... you're one of those for sure... makes me full on laugh every time I hear your voice (laugh with you, of course, not at you).

  3. Oh Noodle Dearest. You were at the top of my mind when I wrote this. You are basically a walking definition of a Tail Wag Friend.

    P.s. I have no idea why you'd mention snorting.