19 March 2009

Spring is Springing and making me thirsty

Spring is popping out everywhere I look and the hope and beauty of this season are intoxicating. I'm intoxicated.

And really excited for summer eating and drinking...


This is a drink everyone should try:
THE RIDGELY (named for my uncle, who invented it)
-glass full of ice
-Mount Gay Rum
-equal parts (Schweppe's) ginger ale and tonic water
-fresh lime juice - squeeze some right in there and then drop the lime in.

My standard drink is usually a vodka tonic or dirty martini, but this is a cocktail that just makes me smile. By the pool, before dinner, whenever, it's a party in my mouth. I love cocktails and this is a goodun'.


The chickens are laying like crazy and for the first time today I actually witnessed a chicken lay an egg. I was scooping eggs from the neighboring coop when I noticed sort of a fluttering noise coming from this nesting chickens rear end. I watched for minute, it half stood up, and out popped an egg. Pretty incredible.
After the hen hopped down I gathered the eggs, brought them inside, and Megan excitedly cooked the freshest one (which also happened to be the biggest and bluest) for her lunch.


  1. the picture of those pretty pink blossoms is now the desktop background on my computer :) i desperately wish i could visit you on the farm.

  2. this is rey rey, by the way...technical difficulties...