20 March 2009

Letter to My Brother

March 20, 2009

Dear Brendan,

Happy Birthday. You would have turned 25 today.
It falls on a Friday this year, and I think you would have made a party out of it. Last year on your birthday you played in a show and you posted a comment to me about it. I remember saying something like, "Man I would love to but it's gonna be tough to get to from California." You'd probably do something much the same this year, drink some beer, maybe play some music. I'd call you at some point during the day and I'd do that creepy happy birthday singing thing I like to do to you and Megan to creep you out and make you laugh because I keep it going just long enough to make it awkward. You'd answer the phone saying, "Hiiii Sister!" because that's what you did, to both Megan and I and man I know we both loved it. You were our baby and you really could do no wrong. I know you'd have friends around you to celebrate and you'd probably get drunk and stay out late putting stickers all over your city. At some point today you'd probably think about the fact that you are a quarter of a century old now (because I'm sure that's how dad would remark upon that milestone). I'd probably tease you about being closer to 30 than 20, and then make it about me by whining about how I can't believe my little brother is so big and grown up. Your hair would have noticeably receded by now so I'm sure I would tease you about that too, because I could, because I'm your big sister and that's my right.
So Happy Birthday Brendan. I can't believe how old we're getting. I can't believe you're gone.


Your little big sister, Caitlin

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  1. this is beautiful and i admire you so much for being able to write about it.