11 November 2009

It's Veterans Day

My Grandpa John was in the Army Air Corps during World War II.  He was shot down over France, smuggled out, came home and married his sweet love Annie, and raised ten children with her, including my mother.

My Grandpa Jim was in the Navy, he worked on radar and was on a submarine in the South Pacific when a torpedo hit it.  It was a dud, he came home and married Virginia and had my father then four more kids.

I was in love with a boy named Ryland when he was in the Marines, and was in Iraq during the start of this war.  Clifton was also there and is still one of my best friends.  I moved to North Carolina because of Justin, who was in the Army for almost ten years and Iraq for one.  Derek has served countless tours and is looking at another one.  Brent is overseas again as his love Liz waits for him in Texas.  Brandon is in Afghanistan right now, with his wife Annie and new baby waiting for him in Alaska.  Melinda served a few tours and just got out so she could get married.  Mike, Teeter, Mark, Boots, Steve, John, Scott, Dylan, Josh, Chris, Rob, so many others...

Thank You.

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