27 October 2009

Favorite Marriage Proposal So Far...

Nathan:    wanna marry me?
 me:    sure do
 Nathan:    beautiful
 well get out to chicago
  i know a real nice courthouse
 me:    reeeeeeeeeeeal nice
 Nathan:    can we get married to zeppelin IV?
  me:    hell why not
  we're gonna have the tallest most awesome babies ever
 Nathan:    when you walk down the isle we'll play "been a long time been a long time been a long lonely lonely lonely time"
  me:    perfect
  do courthouses have aisles?
  Nathan:    our babies'll probly be midgets
  me:    ha!
  but they will wanna rock
  Nathan:    yes
  just like mom and dad
me:    exacto
 Nathan:    courthouses are perfect
  we can prance around and noone will car
 me:    for our wedding? definitely
  then we can have a party at the farm
 Nathan:    !
 me:    yup
 Nathan:    country courthouse and a bluegrass shakedown
me:    yes
  i'm gonna put a bow on your dog
 Nathan:    my dog is with the ex
 me:    oh NO
 Nathan:    bummed
 me:    honey
  i'm sorry
i'll still marry you
 Nathan:    we'll get our own dog
 me:    i'll just put a bow on you
 Nathan:    a bull mastiff
 me:    ha
  that'll eat our midget children
 Nathan:    yes... we'll name her thor
 me:    of course they could put a saddle on it and they could ride it around
  oh thor
  sweet puppy
Nathan:    thor! stop looking at the children like that and eat yer alpo
 me:    poor thing gets hungry, midget children are like tasty nuggets
tasty nuggets who wanna rock NOT get eaten by thor
  i loved the songs you sent me
Nathan:    thanks
 me:    welcome
 Nathan:    come over and we'll listen to my scratchy copy of stairway
 me:    sweet
  and drink whiskey
 Nathan:    it's really good
 me:    i'll bet it is
 Nathan:    whisky
  but only if we feel irish
 me:    we do
 Nathan:    i always do
 me:    me too
  bye husband
 i have to go play with oil
 Nathan:    i have to go re start stairway
 me:    yeah you do
 Nathan:    have a good afternoon
 me:    you too
 Nathan:    <3
 me:    oh honey
you should write me a song then i can tattoo your lyrics on the inside of my left arm
  i've got the perfect place picked out
  <3 Nathan:    sure

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  1. I neeeded a laugh and this is makin' me laug sohard I cant tupe@