01 September 2010

Hug It Out

Him:  Why do we hug?  What does the action represent?  Are we trying to become one with each other?  Why do some hugs mean nothing yet others transfer warmth and love and lust and passion and love?  Why do we hug?!*

Me:  Hugs are good.  It's human touch, it's knowing we're not alone, it's the warmth of two bodies, it can be comforting or comfortable or it can be tense with passion.  We hug so we can physically know what we cerebrally understand, that we're one part of a whole.  We hug to feel connected.**

*Sent via text too late at night from someone who's getting over someone to someone he never got over.
**Sent via text so early in the morning it seemed like a dream when it was remembered, from someone who doesn't want to get over someone to someone she never wanted to get over.

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