11 May 2010

What It Is

Just so you know, it's not the thing that you always talk about, or that's become a little bit of a joke, the number one thing on our list.  Nor is it the number two thing on the list.
It's the way you talk to me about things I know nothing about and not once have you ever made me feel even a little bit less than smart and worthy of the explanation.  And you explain things over and over and over and I really like that.  It's the way you are genuinely interested in what I have to say about everything from food and farming to puppies and hyperlinks.
It's the way you've changed your body a good amount over the years but you are still so powerfully familiar to me.  The way all of you feels really soft all the time.  It's the way you show me that you think I am beautiful and sexy in a way that would be ridiculous to doubt.  The way you can move me where you want me but are perfectly ok with me moving exactly where I want to be.  It's also the way you are really confused and funny and annoying yet endearing in the early morning when neither of us want to be awake.
It's the way your face changes when you talk about someone you love, or when you talk about something that might make me cry, or when you talk about something that you're just figuring out is happening inside of you.  It's seeing how much it matters to you that you don't do anything with us that will make me not want to be friends with you anymore.

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