25 June 2009

The Laundry Is Damp

My hilarious friend just started a blog dedicated to first date stories:

I met her in a bathtub our sophomore year in high school, and up until just before that had thought she was a student teacher who liked to talk to the cute boys in our school. She went pee, I found us a joint, and the rest is history.

Reading her blog came at a great time for me as I am in a moment of thinking of Relationships and Dating and just the circus of it all. In fact last night as I was feeling really alone I realized I should write a book entitled, "Everything You Need To Know About Long Distance Relationships (Or Why Long Distance Relationships are almost always a Bad Idea.)"

Another alternative title could be "Why The Hell Do I Keep Making The Same Mistake" but I digress. I did choose to live in a dead-zone (not my words) for dating, so I guess I have to deal with the consequences. Which appear to be habitually getting emotionally involved with men that live more than 500 miles away, biting my fingernails, and wearing out batteries.

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  1. You in a tub, me on the toilet. 12 years later, not much has changed.