21 January 2011

Courtesy of Stuff About Minneapolis (I love this guy):

Workers chopping ice along the dam, Falls of St. Anthony, Minneapolis (1899)
Wow, it is going to get cold tonight and tomorrow. What are they saying, -20* to -30* below zero? Yeah it’s going to be mighty chilly walking from your house, into your car, and then into the coffee shop. What will your total outside exposure be? 10 minutes? Sure hope that Columbia Omni-Heat Squall Line Fleece Jacket you have on under your North Face McMurdo Parka keeps you warm.
Do you think these guys with the shovels and pickaxes in this picture complained about chopping ice outside for ten hours in the cold? They probably got paid a quarter an hour and for lunch they sat on the ice and ate a stale biscuit with a piece of pickled bacon. And they probably had to hear slurs all day long about being Irish.
When you pull out your laptop do the people at the coffee shop verbally attack you for your Irish heritage?
Didn’t think so.
Remember your roots Minnesota and get a little tough.
Photo by Minnesota Historical Society

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