11 December 2010


Well, it's snowing like crazy.  I know eventually it won't freak me out so much but holy shit.  There is so much snow dumping down I don't know if it's exciting or scary.  Both?  Do I want to go play?  Do I want to go to bed?  Should I try cleaning a few inches (feet!!!??!?) off of my car that is parked out front in what looks like an increasingly large snow bank right now?

I'm fortunate I don't HAVE to go anywhere right now, but knowing I'd have a really hard time getting anywhere makes me feel claustrophobic.  I'm trying to appreciate that there's food and alcohol in the house, the heat's on, and my car is parked on the side that doesn't have to be clear until Monday morning.

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  1. Yeah, as a result of this snowstorm,
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAyLX2hY7E0&feature=player_embedded .
    Sometimes I fear for my life. If a stadium roof could collapse...what are the chances that my house roof wouldn't???