25 June 2010


Me: "I think it's good to a certain extent to question... well, maybe not Question like you question everything and doubt and stuff, but to have questions... to question what you feel and maybe think about why it might be a bad idea or to just really... I don't know."
Him: "Why?"
Me: -silence, trying to answer that-
Him: "Why do you have to question it if it feels good? Why not just let it feel good? We're taking our time, we're not making any big decisions, so why not just enjoy it?"
Me: "That is a really good question."


  1. You should question things because you should wonder where you are going, and what you are doing. If you just let it be, you often end up looking back and wondering why you missed all the signs.

    People who think you shouldn't question, you should question 0_o

  2. Yes, questioning is healthy, and necessary to build something healthy - to a point. After that point, it fosters fear and doubt that can be more attributed to paranoia that fact or instinct.
    I think what he meant, which is why I could agree, was don't question my instincts so much. If my compass is comfortably pointing at him, it's ok, even if I've been hurt before. To let my heart guide me, certainly with reservations and certainly not without asking questions, rather than my fears.

  3. This is what I was getting at