28 January 2010

Attachment Revised

Today Laundry Girl put up a fantastic post...

" 'Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.' - JD Salinger
When you tell someone something personal about yourself, you have essentially given a part of yourself to that person. That's called attachment. In the most basic sense. It's just that simple. So, if you don't want to be attached to someone, keep your goddamn mouth shut. And no touching.
But, if you ask me, that all sounds very boring. I'm going to tell you things. I might even touch you. And if I do, I will most definitely get attached. And, consequently, I will miss you if either one of us decides to leave. Deal with it. I can."

I will probably tell you lots of things, and some of them you won't want to know.  I am an over-sharer.  I also really like touching, and I'll want you to touch me too.  But if you want to touch me today, and then don't tomorrow, be an adult and tell me.  Don't show a lack of respect by running away and therefore taking from me the the opportunity to deal with it and still respect you.  That's basically all I ask.

I've been attached to more people than is probably healthy for my young age, and I couldn't feel better about it.  I would change very very few things about my love (or sex) life as I've lived it, and I don't plan on starting to keep my "goddamn mouth [or legs for that matter]" shut now.  

So with all due respect to Mr. Salinger, may he rest in peace, I am going to keep taking my chances on missing you one day.

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